Boomer Boxes, a new Australian-owned company committed to making the moving process more environmentally friendly, is delighted to announce its official launch. Offering sustainable, recyclable plastic moving boxes, Boomer Box is transforming the moving industry with its eco-conscious business model, all while supporting Australia’s iconic kangaroo population.

Founded by local businesswoman Ray Greer, Boomer Boxes provides an alternative to the traditional cardboard box. These boxes, designed from recyclable plastic, are not only more sturdy and convenient for moving purposes, but they are also reusable and entirely recyclable, reducing waste and the impact on our environment.

“The moving industry has been stuck in the past for too long, relying on inefficient, wasteful practices,” said Ray, owner of Boomer Boxes. “We’re here to change that. Our recyclable plastic moving boxes are not only better for the environment, but they also offer a more secure and efficient packing solution.”

“We can even supply a ute for hire to assist with your next move”

But the company’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at offering green moving solutions. In a proud nod to Australia’s rich biodiversity, Boomer Boxes is also making a concerted effort to protect native wildlife, with a particular focus on kangaroos.

In partnership with local wildlife organisations, Boomer Boxes dedicates a portion of its revenue to initiatives aimed at protecting and rehabilitating kangaroos in Australia. This includes supporting research on kangaroo conservation, sponsoring rescues and rehabilitation of injured animals, and contributing to educational programs about the importance of preserving Australia’s unique wildlife.

“Kangaroos are an integral part of Australia’s identity and ecosystem. With every Boomer Box rented, our customers are playing a part in supporting these magnificent creatures,” Ray explained.

In an era where consumers are more conscious than ever about the impact of their actions on the environment, Boomer Boxes offers a solution that aligns with these values. Its unique blend of sustainable moving solutions and commitment to wildlife conservation marks a significant step forward in the moving industry and environmental stewardship in Australia.

About Boomer Boxes

Boomer Boxes is a Brisbane-based company offering sustainable and recyclable plastic moving boxes. Its mission is to revolutionise the moving industry by providing eco-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Through a unique partnership with Kangaroo Haven Wildlife Rescue, Boomer Boxes also supports kangaroo conservation in Australia.

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