When your moving house, Boomerboxes are great!

boomer box moving house - moving boxes

Moving house can be one of life’s most stressful experiences. Big Deep Breath! – we are here to help.

Our custom-made boxes will make the process a little more pleasant. Don’t drive around for hours in search of boxes and packing supplies. We come to you. Don’t spend endless time constructing, dismantling and disposing of boxes.

Pack, stack and relax.

We got you.


Boomerbox is a handy crate rental business that makes relocating a breeze. We deliver the boxes to you and remove them when you’re done — no storage, no mess, no trash to dispose of – it’s that easy.

Easy To Use

Crates are easy to pack and unpack, and they keep your goods and things safe and secure. They are clean, robust, environmentally friendly, waterproof, and stackable.
Each crate has its own lid, and they are compatible with normal, legal, specialty, and hanging files, as well as lever arch files and books. They require no assembly and no tape.

Boomerbox Crates Can Skate!

There is no need to handle heavy moving boxes again since crates may be stacked onto “crate skates or Dollie”. Boomerbox Dollie is easy to use and prevents excessive lifting. It can easily carry up to three crates at a time be pushed neatly into position for quick packing and unpacking.

Save With Boomerbox Crates

With the ease of Boomerbox, you may save time and labor moving, money on cardboard boxes and tape, the environment from litter, and your family from worry.

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