Plan your move early ~ give yourself plenty of time to complete tasks in a comfortable timeframe

Book your removalist

De-clutter ~ To make room for a better life! ~ This is a prime opportunity for a clean slate to get rid of all the things you no longer have use for

Moving day made easy with Boomer Boxes recyclable moving boxes

As you go through each room – sort items into 4 categories

  1. Keep
  2. Sell
  3. Donate/Giveaway
  4. Trash/Recycle

Now you are ready to start packing (Highlight packing tips link here)

Start packing things you don’t use often first

Use items in your fridge and cupboard leading up to your move

Take a picture of all essential wiring to tv’s, modems etc.

Contact your utilities providers

Redirect your mail

Tape all large appliances & furniture doors & drawers shut

Empty any fuel from mowers & gardening equipment

Safely dispose of any gas bottles

Pack any hazardous materials such as pool chemicals, fuel, paint thinners etc to transport yourself as removalists will not move these items

Avoid watering pot plants for a few days before your move

Empty your fridge & defrost the freezer

Be prepared for moving day – ensure there are clear walkways for the removalists & secure any pets

Have someone at your new house to direct removalists, so your items go into the correct rooms

Enjoy! Embrace the new chapter in your life

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